Vairano Patenora, Italy

Taverna Catena in Vairano Scalo

with Rinaldo P.

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Rinaldo P.
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Visit where Garibaldi, upon his return from America, met with King Victor Emmanuel II, signing the Italian Unification by a famous handshake on October 26, 1860. Meanwhile, the United States were preparing to fight the Civil War, in order to preserve their national union under President Abraham Lincoln.

The tour includes a visit to the Building in Venafro, where King Victor Emmanuel II slept the night before the Unification of Italy, upon meeting with Garibaldi at Taverna Catena.

Departure from Venafro, Italy.

Obviously, Garibaldi must not be confused with the Garibaldi fish (photo by Stan Shebs) living in the waters of Catalina Island, California.

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Rinaldo Pilla (aka Al) is the author of the research titled “Samnite semantics,” where the former prefect of Judea, Pontius Pilate’s ancient home in Venafro (IS) is presented for the very fist time. More at: Full profile Leave a Review

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