Urban Shrimp Fishing

with Lynn S.

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Lynn S.
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With one of the biggest fishing industries in the world,Taiwan has historically had strong ties to seafood.
But instead of going out to sea on boats, or even sitting on the eage of rivers or piers like their ancestor did.
Now you're just fishing for shrimp or even lobster from indoor pools in restaurants that let you catch your own meal and cook it yourselves.
This is one of the recreation for local people to relax at the end of a long week, even the NBA player Jeremy Lin was also interest
in this kind recreation.
overall, If you wanna experience the local people life style, contact me as soon as possible:).

I can take you go to the most famous and biggest shrimp fishing place in Kaohsiung.
I will teach you how to use the fishing rod, fishing skill and grilling shrimp.
Including personal shuttle.

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Lynn S.

I love to travel by myself or take a journey. I have been to London and Paris etc. My hometown is Kaohsiung that is a harbour. So what's the best way to visit and what's special there? First, there are many kinds of seafood with affordable price. Second, you can take sighseeing the whole Kaohsiung harbour by cruises. overall, There are so many private place that i known in Kaohsiung. If you like my itinerary, i'm glad to take you to visit my lovely hometown:). Full profile

1 Review

Nicolas B.

Nice enjoyable night spent shrimp fishing with Lynn and my family from France!

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