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Steve R.

After moving out to SF from Boston less than a year ago, I've had the amazing opportunity to experience San Francisco in so many different ways. Amazing food. Gorgeous scenery. Crazy fun nightlife. It's all here and there is SO much to do.

Being from the east coast, I've been able to find the "west coast versions" of all the things I love back home. I love it when my friends come out to visit SF for the first time and get to take them to all my new favorite spots. I've got the tour down pat and they all go back home wanting to move to SF.

A lot of my friends have visited now and I miss giving the experience of all my favorite places in SF, so I thought I'd give this site a try. Let me know if you want to show you some awesome things, eat amazing food and drink some yummy drinks. And if you're from the east coast, I can speak your language too.

If I told you here then there's no reason for me to do this! It's a secret and I can customize the day depending on what trouble your trying to get into ;)

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