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Street Fountains of Boston

with Sarah C.

Sarah C.

Boston is defined by water- the Charles River, the Harbor, and on top of that over half of the land the city is built used to be wetlands, but was filled in by people between 1630 and 1890. Less noticed are the many fountains of the city, which capture every aspect of Boston's personality. The big, spouting fountains probably capture the city best- people coming together to cool off, be loud, and have fun in public green spaces (top people watching here). But, not to be overlooked are hidden fountains in small squares that provide beauty and serenity with flowing water and sculptures, or fountains with interesting stories that serve as public art in the more well known beats like the Public Garden.

Customizable- it's up to you! We can:

1) find hidden fountains off the beaten path and learn the stories behind them
2) highlight the best fountains to visit if you want to get wet and beat the heat (or just instantly feel cooler watching joyful kids run through the fountains)
3) if desired, check out well-known landmarks like the waterfront, financial district, Copley Square + Public Library, Public Garden + Boston Common, and the Christian Science Center through the lens of public fountains and how they came to be there.

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Sarah C.

I'm a senior at Boston University, studying International Relations, Environmental Policy, and African history. I'm originally from Reading, PA, but I have fallen in love with Boston (and the North Shore, and the White Mountains). I'm a big fan of exploring Boston's green spaces and thrift stores, but my favorite thing about Boston is the people I meet here! Full profile Leave a Review

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