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Kevin H.
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I do walking tours of the hidden Paris, I've been doing this for 6 years professionally and I just love finding new and interesting ways of capturing images of Paris. You will learn how to use your camera in a whole new way even if you're a beginner with a point and shoot. It's the eye, not the camera that sees the picture. I'll show you how to construct and compose fine art images, how to prepare them for print and also how to sell them. And we'll have fun learning, maybe take in a coffee or two with a macaron.

I cover areas like the Latin Quarter, the Marais, Montmartre, the Bridges, quays. I can also customise tours to suit your preferred areas and times if any.

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Kevin H.

Hi There! I've been in Paris for 12 years now and love the "buzz" of this city and it's food and it's cafés and it's bakeries and it's wine caves and the bridges and the cobblestone side streets etc etc etc.I could go on and on. I take the same routes everyday and this city shows me something new every time! That's just one of the many reasons, Paris Je t'aime! I've been shooting film and digital for many years and I'm up to speed on all the latest cameras and techniques. You will discover Paris & France and how to capture it in a way that will touch you forever. You're photography will be elevated no matter what your skill level or camera. They can't put more pixels in your eye! I'm a full time photographer in Paris where I do tours, workshops and recently I've started doing excursions and photo tours to places like Champagne, Burgundy and Normandy, where I drive, shoot and give you some history, stories and advice on how to capture and create fine art images. Being in the moment and connected allows the image to develope even before you press the shutter. Join me on a dolmen hunt, a chateau discovery and or a wine tasting tour of Champagne or Burgundy. Check out the link below! Wedding and portrait photographer in Paris, France. Full profile Leave a Review

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