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Join me for a wild trail run across any part of the country: Judean hills, the desert, Golan heights, Carmel mountains, hills around the Sea of Galilee (which is actually a lake) or the Mediterranean coast.

I will plan a run according to your ambitions and capabilities. I normally lead runs of up to 30 km (~20 miles) with a total elevation gain of up to 1,000 m (~3,300 ft). You set the pace, so long as I can keep up...

Included in the fee:
1. Pick-up/drop-off at your hotel.
2. A friendly run (with or without a good conversation)
3. Beer & snack afterwards

NOT included in the fee: Insurance! (neither medical nor search & rescue).

The duration of the experience varies according to how far the destination is.

Multi-day / dark night / full moon experiences are also available.

I recommend to start the run at or before twilight (summer runs absolutely MUST beat the heat), which means extremely early leave from Tel Aviv.

I rarely (never) cancel because of weather conditions.

Prior to booking/instant booking, please make sure to contact me for details about the specific event.

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I've been a recreational trail runner for about 8 years. I love the outdoors and trail running gives me deeper access to the wilderness. So, although I live in the city, I hit the trails as often as I can. In my real job I'm a quality engineering consultant. Full profile

4 Reviews

Oliver M.

What a fantastic day! Non and Lulu (his dog) led me on a 25k run through the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea. An amazing adventure.


What an amazing run! Definitely my top experience during my time in Israel. Met Non in Tel Aviv and drove to the hills outside Jerusalem where we ran through to the Dead Sea. Along the way we passed a Bedouin camp, an ancient monastery and ran across the barren plains above the Dead Sea. The trails were a mix of single track and 4WD but everywhere the views made it difficult not to look around. The best section followed the edge of an ever increasing river gorge, along rock slabs and culminating in views of the Mar Saba monastery. My thanks to Non (an Lola) for guiding me on this fantastic trip, one I can highly recommend. Shane

Olga P.

I really enjoyed running with Non and I would like to recommend his trail runs to anyone who would like to experience an interesting run in Israel combined with travelling in places you wouldn't see otherwise. Prior to our meeting Non asked for my preferences, the distance I would like to run and so on, and he made his best to make this trail run super special for me. He chose such a beautiful place in the country side! We ran along fields and vineyards and it was absolutely beautiful! Non, thank you for everything it was much more than I've expected! Olga

Dean L.

Running with Non was an incredible experience. We ran up north, in the Galilee and it was breathtaking. The run itself was the perfect mix between challenging and runnable dirt tracks and single track. We stopped off at view points that were incredible, including a castle about 1000 years old and passed wildlife and lovely streams. I've gained an new appreciation of Israel's natural beauti and that's priceless. If you're a runner, of any ability level, call Non to experience something very few others will. You'll be very glad you did.

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