Karmiel, Israel

Arab Cooking Workshop in the Galilee

with Paul

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Half-Day Cooking Workshop
Galileat gives you an authentic experience that will make your trip to Israel an unforgettable one. We will show you Israel through the eyes, and palate, of a local. Our culinary adventures allow the participant a hands-on, true to life cultural immersion. It is a unique experience, unlike anything else you will ever do in Israel.

The day starts (after tea and coffee, of course) with approximately 3 hours of hands-on preparation of traditional dishes. Makluba, Hubeza, Sinya… Maybe you've heard the names but never realized that it's authentic Galilean food. You complete one of our cooking workshops having learnt how
to cook something that you might, or might not have heard
about , having eaten what you prepare with your host, and will
understand a little better how people live in the rural Galilee.
Oh, and let's not forget…it's a whole lot of fun!
The menu changes seasonally. Once we have finished preparing the delicacies, we all sit and enjoy our feast.
Included in the cooking workshop; use of all utensils and feast at the end. This will be your main meal for the day!!

Transport can be arranged at extra cost.
Starting times are with consultation with the customer...it's your day, start it when you want.

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Galileat is owned and operated by Paul Nirens. I have lived in the Galilee for almost 30 years. In that time I have cultivated relationships with many people living in the area. These relationships allow me to offer true grass-roots cultural experiences, based around food, working in co-operation with those that live in the area. I believe that in order to eat properly in the Galilee , to encounter the authentic, real-life atmosphere of Israel's green North, it has be done with and by locals. A Galileat adventure allows an in-depth view of the real Israel. If it's edible and from the Galilee, then I know about it. I want to share that experience with you. Full profile Leave a Review