Taipei City, Taiwan

5 Senses Relaxation Tour

with Heidi C.

Heidi C.

This unique tour is for those who appreicate the beauty of life and art of living. If you are looking for an artistic exprience, this is the one for you.
1. a visit to the scent library, where stores a variety of over 100 fragrance. You can even smell the fragrance of beach, mashmellow, grass, mushroom, Italian kiss, California love, Manhattan desire....and many more in bottles.
scent libray website,

2. a taste of chinese tea in a tea house
3. a visit to one of the top 20 most beautiful bookstore cafes in the world ranked by, " VVG Something"
4. a visit to 1914 creative park, where you can shop MIT design product, souveniors and boutique.

guided tour
public transportation
here is the media interview of scent library,

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Heidi C.

Hi there, I was a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific Airways based in Hong Kong. Now, I run a language center in Taipiei, Taiwan. I am an entreprenuer and I know a lot of secret places to have fun in Taipei. With expreriece of traveling to over 50 cities in 20 countries, I would love to share the city I grew up, Taipei and Hong Kong, with you! Full profile Leave a Review

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