Maghar, Israel

Quickie Arab Cooking Workshop and Meal

with Paul

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For those that are short on time, but still want a taste of Galilean village life, a mini-workshop is the answer. Guests will be warmly welcomed into the house of a host in a village in the Galilee and will prepare one local dish. When you have finished the preparation of the dish you will eat what you have prepared, along with a selection of dishes that our host has cooked especially for you.
Whilst not quite as fulfilling as the half day experience, you will still get a taste of village life in the Galilee, will learn to prepare one dish of Arab food and will eat a full, local, home-cooked meal. It's a mini workshop and lunch without disrupting your schedule.

a short workshop in Maghr, Arrabeh or Julis and a full traditional meal.

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Galileat is owned and operated by Paul Nirens. I have lived in the Galilee for almost 30 years. In that time I have cultivated relationships with many people living in the area. These relationships allow me to offer true grass-roots cultural experiences, based around food, working in co-operation with those that live in the area. I believe that in order to eat properly in the Galilee , to encounter the authentic, real-life atmosphere of Israel's green North, it has be done with and by locals. A Galileat adventure allows an in-depth view of the real Israel. If it's edible and from the Galilee, then I know about it. I want to share that experience with you. Full profile Leave a Review