Esterillos Este, Costa Rica

Self Sustainable Living

with Justin D.

Justin D.

Visit a model modern luxury homestead. The tour includes: a working example of permaculture design in action, agroforestry specializing growing caoao (chocolate trees), an aquaponics program the runs on rain water (it needs no electricity, produces fish, and high quality organic fertilizer for our organic gardens), regenerative agricultural systems, orchard management, Medicinal Plants, living roofs, salt water swimming pools, organic cattle ranching, stacking functions of chickens (no we don’t stack them on top of each other, it is quite the opposite), lambs, horsemanship, a food forest, natural building, We use natural building materials, food forests, have orchards, edible landscapes, rain water collection roofs, aquaponics, organic gardens, crops, flocks of sheep, and free range grass feed cattle in harmony with nature.

Tours of the permaculture systems each with a lesson on how you can add that system to you home.

Access to the swimming pools. hiking trails through the rainforest, and disc golf course

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