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No matter where you live in London, the West End will inevitably encompass a huge part of your life. London’s bustling social scene is overflowing with music, dance, and theatre all surrounded by some of the city’s most relaxing cafes, outstanding restaurants and jumping bars. We’ll wander through the heart of London and introduce you to your new go-to hotspots

Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho and more

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My name is Noelle and I am a Londonaholic (hi, Noelle). I landed here, bright eyed and bushy tailed three years ago. After 15 years of annual visits, I figured it was time to make it official. I had such grand plans for my life. But then the trouble began: I became freakishly addicted to London. It started with innocent strolls through the city. At first I was ok seeing the big stuff, the famous stuff, the…ok, yes…touristy stuff. But that quickly got old. I knew there was more if I could just dig deeper, walk longer, explore harder. So I put maps up in my room and began a quest to find it all. Everything. All that London has to offer. I marked off every street, passage, mews, alley and path I walked down (still do) and when I had any time to spare, I went anywhere that was blank on my map. Then I set a goal of walking all the streets in the congestion zone. Every one of them. I just couldn’t get enough. My friends and family grew worried. It seemed the only thing I cared about was getting more London. Then one day, I went too far. I found places that even my A to Z didn’t know about. I realised there is even more to uncover than I knew before. *despair* But in that darkest hour, I had a glimmer of selfish hope. What if I could unburden myself from this heavy load by showing other people these places? So I decided to give it a go. And now it’s your turn…*evil laugh* I wish you the best of luck. Full profile Leave a Review

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