Argentina: Wine Country (And Meat Too)

with Hernan M.

Hernan M.

When someone mention the name of Argentina, few things will come to your mind: Evita, Tango, Beef and Wine.

So my idea is to flesh out these four things for you--and to add a little bit more, too. The best way to get know the locals and discover the culture of a country is, of course, getting to know its people! So infused in all my recommendations for exploring Argentina, this is my core advice.

Buenos Aires

The capital city is port of entry to beautiful Argentina. Visit Recoleta Cemetery, unique in the world because of the graves' architecture. Eva Peron (Evita) is laid to rest here. The best time to visit is the afternoon between 3-5 pm, the quietest time to walk around. A nighttime favorite is Gala Tango, the most exclusive tango show in town. About 70 people can pack into this delightful venue for an incredible gourmet dinner and a superb tango show. Make sure to visit Mariposita de San Telmo, a century-old boutique hotel and a tango studio. In September they open patio nights for tastes of great wines and dance performances. The host/owner peppers the show with explanations (in English!) about tango's secrets. Foodies might also try 30 Sillas, a restaurant aptly named because it only seats 30 people. Located in the Colegiales neighborhood, far away from the touristic attractions, this restaurant is also the chef's home and offers a five-course meal to remember!


One of the oldest cities in Argentina, Salta is the heart of our folk music and boasts a delightful culinary palette. Take the morning and visit the cathedral and the Old Cabildo, stroll around, and you'll find history at every corner. At night go to one of the "peñas" in Balcarce Street--the most famous of which is La Vieja Estacion--for some hearty food and a great show. Everyone in Salta must make sure to try "empanadas," which are savory pies that are a signature of this province.


Two hours away from Salta, you'll find this amazing small town. The more conservative travelers can take the winding asphalt road up to great views. The more adventurous should use the old road, which snakes through the villages of Cachi and Molinos. Stop in these towns and have some lunch. Using the leisurely route does take time--an 8 am departure from Salta will get you to Cafayate around 6 or 7 pm. Cafayate is the cradle of our "Torronetes" wine, this is a white wine made with the Torrontes grapes cultivated over in the highland outskirts of the Andes range. Wine-lovers can take a load off and stay in a 19th century hacienda-style hotel inside nearby wineries. Visit San Pedro de Yacochuya winery and make a trip to Colomé village. Two hours away from Cafayate, this is absolutely worth the drive! Here you'll find the wine museum and Colomé winery. It's superb. Cafayate is also the ideal place to try llama meat, so make sure to go to make a stop at Macacha Restaurant.


Without a doubt, Mendoza is THE place for wine lovers. Located right at the foothills of the Andes, Mendoza offers you the best wines of the continent--and may be the world! You must visit several key wineries there: CAP Vistalba Winery, Achaval-Ferrer Winery, Fabre-Montamayu Winery. These are top notch wineries with super wine options. We have by far the best Malbec of the world. Mendoza is also home to the highest peak of the Andes, mount Aconcagua--which stands over 6960 meters (over 22,837 feet!). Make sure to book a trip to base camp there and enjoy the majestic views. If you like rafting, San Rafael is a couple of hours away, boasting the best rafting in the country.

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