Reviews for Monte-Carlo Rally Roads in a Classic Car

Christine K.

What could be better than riding in a classic sports car through the French Alps with an experienced driver. Jean Luc delivers every thing he promises and more. We sped through the hair pin turns to reach a stopping point at the top for an incredible view, cruised through small French villages and hit the streets of Monte Carlo. Truly one enjoyable morning and an experience that left me with an appreciation for the rich history of the Monte Carlo Rally Roads.

Anne D.

Given the GrandPrix taking a car ride in Monaco only seemed appropriate. I know nothing about cars, but it was fun to have a choice (I went by color and picked the yellow Fiat). Jean-Luc picked me up in complete style and we started driving up into the cliffs. Wow those roads are windy! (This tour is not for those who easily get car sick). It was a gorgeous way to see a bit more of the coast outside of Monaco, and be with a local expert to help point out things I never would have known. It was fun to spend the afternoon with Jean-Luc who knows cars + the south of France. . . . Also, your friends will be totally jealous when you post a picture of the car you got to ride in :)