Tulum, Mexico

Magical Mexican Tour

with Estela K.

Estela K.

Mexico is an amazingly vibrant and multilayered country where you can experience cultures, places, people on many levels. In order to get the most fantastic magical essence of your trip I would recommend 5 destinations that will become more than a little tourist stopover - they are most likely to transform your experience and hold memories for a lifetime!


First, take your plane to Cancun and land on the white sanded Caribbean dream instead of the overpopulated and polluted Mexico City! Once you landed, catch the first bus out of the tourist capital and head straight out to Tulum! Here, you can find the most magical white sand, turquoise ocean and perfect sunrise combination on the cost! Rent a little beach house (cabana) - for further info ask me - and enjoy the sunshine, fun people, snorkeling tours, cenote trips, horse back riding and absolutely anything that you dream of!

Chichen Itza

After you are 100% relaxed and merging with the magical mexican vibe, take a bus and head down the Yucatan visiting ancient Mayan archeological sites! Chichen Itza - I am sure you heard of already in relation to the sun alignments and the famous snake shadow that crawls down on the enormous pyramid's side every year on spring equinox! There are many other sites to see on the way such as Uxmal ... ask me:)


As your final destination of ancient Mayan sites you are definitely encouraged to arrive to Palenque - one of the most important ancient Mayan heritage site from the classical period. Here, the ruins are surrounded by deep rainforest, monkeys, toucans and waterfalls. You can rent a cheap and great jungle hut - more info from me - and enjoy the greatest scenery of the magical mexican dream with delicious food, lively restaurants, fire dancers and latin musicians!

San Cristobal de las Casas

After the jungle experience take a 4 hours bus ride up to the mountains to the most amazing little cities of the Mayan heartlands - San Cristobal de las Casas! Here you find colonial architecture, great bars, little curvy roads with colorful houses, mayan indians selling handcrafts and alternative artists offering great organic and vegan cuisine!

Lake Bacalar

From this little vibrant town you may make your way back to Cancun on an alternative route, visiting Lake Bacalar - a still unexplored and unexploited little treasure - where 7 crystal clear, turquoise lakes are formed right on the Caribbean Cost. Just like the Caribbean Dream but with sweet water, underground cenotes, kayaking and special wide life viewing!

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I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1986 and lived in at least 6 countries ever since. Age of 17, I had the opportunity to visit Ecuador for a months long trip that absolutely changed my life and I became an ever moving traveler and global citizen. There is one thing that I like more than traveling that is to live in other countries for a longer period of time, experience every day life, culture, people, places on a deeper level. Age of 18 I went to the United States on a student exchange program and finished high school there. For my bachelor degree I moved to London and did art and anthropology at Roehampton University. After my 2nd year at the university, I took a gap year and traveled in Central America for a year; Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico had captured my heart, so after finishing my last year at Roehampton, I returned to live and work in Chiapas, South of Mexico for about 2 years (on and off). Here, I dealt with various projects, such as anthropological study of Mayan textiles and weaving techniques, as well as ecological community projects. In 2011, I returned to Europe and undertaken an internship placement offered by the EU, at Casita Verde ecological learning center in Ibiza, Spain. Shortly after I moved to Portugal to work with an eco farm project. In 2012, I got accepted to a Master degree program at UJF Grenoble University in France and started my 1 year master program in International Development Studies. As part of the course, I undertaken a 3 months long internship at SNV (Development Organization of the Netherlands) in Lima, Peru working on various projects in relation to poverty and inequalities. I just returned to Europe this week to work on my final master thesis from our eco farm project in Portugal. Beyond the thesis, I work as a freelance web-designer and developer on small scale web projects and other part-time remote job opportunities those are related to my interests and expertise. Since traveling is my passion and giving travel trips to friends is part of my routine, I found Vayable Insider a great opportunity to apply for. Full profile Leave a Review