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Sicily lies at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, coveted and inspiring to ancient cultures for its natural beauty and fertility. It is separated from mainland Italy by the Straits of Messina, with the coast of North Africa just a full day’s sail away. The island represents a unique cultural sphere representing the various conquering powers that have passed through it over the past 3,000 years from the Greeks and Romans to the Normans, Spanish, Arabs and French. Each has left its imprint leading to a complex array of language, food, landscape and art history. To visit Sicily is to explore a cultural mosaic, and the following itinerary is meant to navigate the various local life experiences, culinary, outdoors, and cultural adventures with local experts to show you true Sicily from the inside.

Palermo + Monreale

Explore an amazing selection of private Baroque palaces and churches, and taste local street food in the outdoor market. Enjoy the Palermo Wine Country with a Tasting Tour at important regional wineries.

Castelbuono + Madonie Mountains + Cefalù

Walking tour of the Madonie Mountains to include a brief guided nature walk exploring breath-taking natural beauty, enchanting villages, visits with local shepherds and farms, and a ricotta cheese demo. Next, you will go on a cultural talking tour of the Castelbuono town and an evening tour in the Medieval coastal town of Cefalù famous as the setting for the film “Cinema Paradiso.”

Erice + Trapani + Marsala

Stroll along the ancient streets of the Medieval Town of Erice (the religious centre of the Elymians, associated with goddesses of fertility). After free time for lunch in the Historical Center, continue to treat your palate with a tasting of almond and pistachio delicacies at a local pastry shop. Afterwards, drive along the Trapani Salt Route to tour the historic saltpan works en-route to the city of Marsala. The day finishes with a Marsala Wine Tasting Tour at a local winery.

Agrigento + Piazza Armerina

Depart from Palermo for a visit to a local working Dairy Farm in the town of Cammarata for a Sicilian Cheese Demo and tasting including a rustic country luncheon. Depart for the Agrigento Valley of the Temples for a guided tour of some of the best-preserved Greek Temples of the Ancient World. Dinner at Agrigento Hotel featuring magical views of the Valley of the Temples by night. The next morning depart for the town of Piazza Armerina for a tour of the mosaic floors of the Roman Hunting lodge.

Noto Antica + Baroque Noto + Olive Farm

Morning departure for Noto Antica to visit the old city (destroyed by the famous earthquake of 1692). The tour will explore the Medieval Jewish Quarter and ancient Roman Necropolis. Next, you will visit a local Olive Farm in the town of Ispica for a Tour + Tasting accompanied by a Rustic Sicilian Lunch. On the way back to Siracusa, visit and tour the Villa del Tellaro mosaics. Afterwards, a brief tour of the Baroque town of Noto for a tour and Gelato break at the Cafè di Sicilia.

Anapo Valley Biking Adventure + Country

Guided Bicycle Adventure with Outdoor Guide through the Anapo Valley / Pantalica Greek Necropolis set amongst ancient Greek Tombs and breath-taking country scenery. Followed by a Sicilian Country Luncheon at a near-by Farmhouse featuring locally sourced produce.

Mt Etna Hike + Winery Tour

A breath-taking hiking adventure with Outdoor Guide along high mountain roads surrounded by both surprisingly green and lush areas as well as recent and ancient lava flows. Afterwards visit one of Etna’s famous wineries for a tasting tour and lunch.

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Born in Hollywood, California, and raised in his Italian family’s restaurant alongside his five siblings. Marcello was immersed in Italian food and wine culture as a child, learning how to spell Chianti before his ABC’s. He first came to the island of Sicily almost 20 years ago on a train from Rome and never quite left. He fell in love with the people, culture and most of all the food!! His multicultural adventurous spirit, love of food + wine, and a passion for meeting people, led him to become a Travel Specialist, using his “Sicilian connections” for kindred spirits looking to discover and explore the cultural mosaic of Sicily. As a long-time resident of the island, he connects his guests to the same "local life" experiences that he has had the privilege of discovering personally. Whether it's finding that perfect local Trattoria or unique Bed & Breakfast, making cheese with shepherds alongside ancient ruins, tasting robust wine on Mt. Etna after a leisurely hike on a volcano, picking olives and making your own oil for the best souvenirs ever, or just visiting towns, ancient ruins and outdoor sites with passionate and knowledgeable cultural and outdoor guides. He strives to personalize a Sicily Adventure that is in line with your individual travel style and infused with the "local life" experience. Full profile Leave a Review

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