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West Side Secrets in the City

with Mikey K.

Mikey K.

NYC has tons of places to be "seen" but what about places to SEE this fascinating city? I've lived in the city over 5 years and have disclosed a few of my favorite places to go. This tour will let you taste, see, and feel a few different gems that the New York City has to offer.

Bleecker Street

A mid-afternoon walk through the West Village will have you curiously peeking into any and every storefront you pass. I suggest you start at Bleecker and 6th Avenue and work your way up the island. One of the best pitstops in my book is at the renowned Murray's Cheese Shop at 254 Bleecker St. Wander around the store and try anything that piques your palette, and don't be afraid to ask questions! While on Bleecker Street definitely stop in ALL book and record stores, especially Bleecker Street Records. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Hudson Clearwater

After being exhausted by the overstimuli of the places and people in the West Village it's always great to have a retreat away from the crowds. My new favorite find is the ever-so-hidden "Hudson Clearwater" at 447 Hudson Street. This spot has a beautiful and serene outdoor patio but has NO formal sign welcoming you in. The restaurant entrance is physically on Morton Street and is recognizable by a green door about 100 feet away from the intersection of Hudson/Morton. Once you make your way into the patio you will be met by a great and friendly staff and simple yet delicious menu at a great price point. This place is a true gem and I feel guilty letting anyone but close friends know about it :)

The Highline

The Highline is one of those must-go's for someone that wants to wander aimlessly in beautiful surroundings or just simply admire the architecture that the city has to offer. The railroad-turned-park has random events to do in the summer time as well, even star-gazing on Tuesday nights with professional astronomers. As you make your way up the Highline make sure to stop at 17th and 10th Avenue in the windowed stadium seating. This window overlooks traffic traveling upstream and has an almost cinematic feel to it.

The Tippler

After leaving the The Highline head back downtown towards 15th Street and 10th Avenue. Make your way down 15th street towards the big "OPEN" sign in yellow bulbs. Open the door and head down the metal staircase towards the entrance of one of my favorite bars, The Tippler. The speakeasy atmosphere combined with truly crafty cocktails makes the place a great spot for conversation and relaxing.

675 Bar

At this point you've experienced enough "serenity" to last at least a week, it's time for a fun and random spot to laugh and have a good time. My recommendation is to head down to 675 Bar at 675 Hudson. You will once again make your way down a staircase and enter what can only be compared to as a frat-boy's dream house. This place is riddled with pool tables, foosball, board games, and JENGA (yes, JENGA!). It may not sound like everyone's "scene" but the moment the scrabble board comes out, everyone gets involved. You can get lost in this place for hours on end.

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