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To fulfill your curiosity with how the i-Bankers live outside the office. Join the private tour of Wall St and mid town Manhattan for the knowledge of a life time. 带你从银行家的角度看纽约。从早到晚,了解银行家的一天。

Wall St, Midtown, and uptown. 华尔街,纽约中城,上城及周边90英里范围内地区。可提供豪华车型。

I could offer my services as professional translator for a variety of business meetings.

注:豪华轿车,敞篷跑车费用将根据租车公司实际费用收取。豪华车型包括奥迪A4,A3,敞篷Mini Cooper, 福特野马,宝马3系,5系。如需超豪华车型法拉利,林宝坚尼,保时捷,劳斯莱斯,请提前3周告知。服务费包含所有过路,桥,隧道费,停车费不包括在内。

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I worked for various banks for last ten years. I'm a foodie and like to indulge myself in gourmet food and fine wine. My services can be tailored to fit individual's needs, including professional translation in business context. I keep reminding myself, "If your dream has perished, then get another one." Full profile Leave a Review

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