Matera, Italy

Matera’s Sassi Revealed: Walking & Food

with Azzurra R.

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Azzurra R.

This tour will guide you to discover Matera’s Sassi, the Unesco world heritage site. The tour can be tailored to your passions and interests, as the city offers different paths. We can discover the old city center, visiting ancient monasteries and churches, some of them carved in the rocks and admirably frescoed. We will visit the Sassi, houses carved in the rocks where people from Matera used to live until 60 years ago.
We will walk through the ramps and steps that meander like in a maze, the maze that has struck Mel Gibson who decides to shoot here the movie "The Passion of Christ". On the way we will stop at some panoramic viewpoints to take amazing pictures. During the tour, I can suggest you, if you want to take a break, food shops where you can taste home made gelato or enjoy the typical "focaccia bread" from traditional bakeries. I will also point you local restaurants where you can taste local food and wine for a good price.

The tour may include the following churches: “San Giovanni in Monterrone” e “Santa Lucia alle Malve”, a former monastery and “Santa Maria di Idris” on top of a cliff, all of them are riches of frescos; the “Convicinio di S. Antonio”, comprising 4 crypts , and “San Pietro Barisano” with the interior almost completely carved out of the rock. “San Pietro Caveoso” situated on a cliff on the precipice of the ravine. Casa Grotta (Cave House) furnished with furniture and authentic tools of the period in which it was inhabited.
Underground Matera: an ancient cistern, also known as "Palombaro", located below the main square.

The food tour part can be adapted depending on dietary requirements of the participants, I will propose alternatives for people who are, for instance, vegan or intolerant to some food.

The price of the tour does not include the entrance fee for all the churches and sites you can choose to visit, as well as the price for food. This to have the freedom to arrange the tour as you prefer and to make changes during the tour itself. By the way, consider that for each site the entrance fee amount to about 3$, that focaccia and gelato cost about 2$ per piece, and lunch can be around 30$ per person.

If you are already in Europe and want to reach Matera, you can buy a flight to Bari Airport and then take a direct bus to the city of Matera from there. Contact me if you need more information about that.

To know more about Matera, read how the Telegraph describes this stunning and charming city :

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Azzurra R.

I am an art-lover, a shiatsu therapist and a girl-in-tech. I immediately felt in love with Matera the first time I saw it 10 years ago. I like to travel all over the world and find beautiful hidden gems in every place I visit, something unconventional, which is often unknown to the most. I always end up in charming hotels, lovely restaurants, always keeping an eye on budget. For this reason I wanted to become a local tour guide, as I would like to give to my guest the same experience I look for when I discover new places by myself. I would love to reveal to my guests all the secrets and beautiful spots in my city, so they can fall in love with my Matera as I did. My favorite quote is from an italian songwriter: "He who stops is lost, but he who never stops loses all" Would you like to take a stop in Matera with me? Full profile

1 Review

Linda H.

Azzurra's tour was wonderful. I feel I now have a deep appreciation for Matera and the Sassi district. Azzurra's passion and knowledge of her town was great. She took me to places that were fantastic but not on the list of well known tourist stops. She was also a great companion and fun to be with. I am so glad I booked a tour with her.

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