San Francisco, California

Photography in the Alleys of Chinatown

with John A.

John A.

Chinatown’s rich history centers in its alleys. Not only does the area intrigue and mystify, it serves as a perfect venue for improving your photography skills.

In a brief introduction to composition, I teach you a few simple techniques that will improve your photography immensely. Next we take a walk to photograph one of the most visually stunning areas of San Francisco.

Whether you own a high-end camera or a cell phone only, you will begin to see photographs in the most unexpected places. While you may not become the next Richard Avedon, your photography skills will show a marked improvement and, with practice, you just might become famous like me. (Okay, I’m not famous but I am a legend in my own mind so cut me some slack, okay?)

Workshops are restricted to eight folks so I can work one on one while we explore Chinatown’s hidden beauty and bustling street life. I promise you a TON of fun shooting in the largest Chinatown in the world.

Portsmouth Square
Washington Street
Ross Alley
St. Louis Alley
Jackson Street
Grant Avenue
Wentworth Place

Our adventure begins in Portsmouth Square, an area in the heart of Chinatown often dubbed Chinatown’s “living room.” First, I review basics in composition and other techniques to improve your photos.

Then the real fun begins. We set out to explore some of the alleys of Chinatown. If this is your first venture into the area, you may feel a bit of déjà vue. That’s because you have seen these alleys in movies and TV shows through the years.

As we walk, I work one on one so you each get a hands-on, real life experience exploring the techniques you learned. This is your chance to ask lots of questions and pick my brain (or what’s left of it) about the hows and whys of photography.

Our adventure ends at a local café where we rest our feet, have libations, share our photos and discuss what we have learned. This is always the best part of the day for me because I get to see how your photography improved in a very short period of time.

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John A.

When I was eight years old, I picked up my first camera. That was it. Photography has been an integral part of my life since. Today I concentrate on fine art photography, writing and teaching after long and successful careers in journalism, politics and commercial and fine art photography. In 2010, I launched workshops concentrating on photographic composition rather than how to use a camera. Most workshops spend very little time outlining the principles of composition and what makes a good photograph Full profile Leave a Review

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