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Come and see Utah's first National Park. See the beauty that is Southern Utah with some of the most breath taking landscapes and natural picture perfect moments you can capture on film. You can step into the same trails where Utah's original ancient native inhabitants and pioneers walked. See what attracted them to the area and why this is God's garden right in Utah's back yard. You'll be amazed as you gaze skywards at massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that escalate into the magnificence of Zion's blue sky. Zion’s exclusive blends of plants and animals in different terrains here at the park will captivate you as you take in the sights and learn some the area's rich history from the past. You must enjoy the excitement of present day adventures that is Zions once in your lifetime as it truly is a unique experience to behold.

Start the day off in St. George (Gateway to Zion's National Park) for breakfast. Load up on water, sunscreen, snacks, etc before heading out to one of America's most visited and breathtaking parks in its system. During the drive up you can enjoy the sights and learn of the area's history briefly. Why in Zions I will take you on a sight seeing journey and tell you about some of the beautiful stops in the park system while you enjoy the sights and take beautiful photos. You will know where to get some of the best photo shots and if you request it, I can recommend special arrangements for unique hikes, camping, fishing, biking, backpacking, bird watching, climbing, horseback riding, etc. while you are enjoying your stay in Southern Utah. We also will stop in the town of Springdale which is great shops and restaurants if you would like an earlier dinner or to pick up some souvenirs for your visit to Zions. This tour also includes a stop for helicopter ride above Zion's National Park.

We can customize your tour to your liking. Please let me know in advance what emphasis you are interested most in seeing and doing.

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Originally from San Francisco I am now a 10 year resident of the area. I love and miss the city, its culture, arts, entertainment, restaurants and people but I've also come to know the area of Southern Utah very well, too! I get my fix of city life in neighboring Las Vegas less than 90 minutes away but getting out and exploring new places off the beaten path is my favorite past time. Let me show around Southern Utah and share its sheer beauty while I answer any questions you may have about this unique area. I also spend alot of time in Las Vegas maybe 2-3 times a month so I can also help you in Sin City if you'd like more info on its ins and outs as well. My passions are the arts, culture, finding gems to indulge my culinary appetite for outstanding eats in obscure places to the city's best. I also love meeting people from around the world and learning of their cultures and traditions while and sharing my experiences both here and abroad. Please let me know if you have any special requests. Aloha Full profile Leave a Review