Tokyo and the Southern Forever

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Wenson T.

What is your reason for visiting? Are you captivated by visions of never-ending neon, robots, sushi, toilets that can give your butt a perm AND a make-over? Do you imagine that Godzilla is waiting to drink sake with you in a ramen stand, killing time with a tentacle-porn comic? Don't be late - Japanese culture is all about being punctual! Thousands of years of unique history isolated on what is known as the "Galapagos Island of culture,' temples, ninjas, fashion, video games, real schoolgirls (and schoolboys) all await you! There is no way to cover everything in the land of the rising sun in one single trip, but with an itinerary like this, you will definitely get the taste of a lifetime.


The largest city in Japan and the world. Get a drink at the hotel bar where the film Lost in Translation takes place. Go shopping in the bleeding edge shops of youth fashion. Visit the mecca of all things manga, anime, or video game related. Take in the 2nd tallest building in the world. Get lost in an ocean of lights, sights, and people. Lose yourself in live music shows and some of the best clubs in the world. A big fan of Totoro? The Ghibili museum is in Tokyo. So are Disneyland and Disney Sea (only available in Japan). Eat sushi at the largest fish market in the world. You never have to sleep again.


The streets are an immaculate samurai movie backdrop. Walk with determination through tiny alleys drenched in thousands of years of history. Visit temples and search for peace in your heart. Stroll through bamboo forests. Hunt geishas at dusk as they tip-toe between the shadows. Witness "wabi-sabi." Take a shot at understanding the Japanese soul. Done with the classical? Check out the modern art scene which is also booming.


Get stuck behind leopard-print covered ladies yelling on their phones and standing on the wrong side of the escalators. Question if you are still in Japan. Go out. Live a little. Then live a lot. Check out a comedy show. Stay in a capsule hotel. Just 30 minutes away from Kyoto, but nothing could be more different - Kyoto protects the tradition and refinement of Japan while Osaka is everything raw and raucous.


Eat Kobe steak in Kobe. Enough said.


One of only two places in the history of the world to experience nuclear devastation, the memorial museum will both educate and move you. Visit the famous temple with the gate that levitates on the ocean a ferry skip away. Catch a Japanese baseball game (no one boos). Eat okonomiyaki.


Located on the most southern of the main islands, take in some southern hospitality, as it thrives here. This is the city of ramen, so eat it everywhere - on the streets and in the shops. Soak in nature in the natural volcanic hotsprings this island is known for. Venture forth to surrounds for exotic culinary adventures (if you dare) such as blowfish and raw horse sashimi.

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I truly believe in the positive transformation that travel, new cultural experiences, and unexpected inspirations can bring about for yourself, those around you, and the world. I have never felt more alive than surfing the currents of happenstance and joyous surprises, collecting stories and photos on once-in-a-lifetime journeys to breathtaking locales (www.flickr.com/itswenson). I hope to do my part in helping you feel as good as I've experienced first-hand through the design of unforgettable custom journeys! I worked and lived in Japan, traveling Asia for 6 years (originally planned to just go for a year and pay off a credit card). A cultural anthropologist at heart, I earned a Master's degree in Japanese Sociology and became fluent in the language while abroad. In addition to a familiarity with travel logistics and the physical terrain, I also have deep insight into customs, religious and cultural significances, as well as your relation to it as a visitor. I've journeyed into all the major countries of Eastern and Southeast Asia as well, and can help plan multi-destination itineraries. I understand regional differences and cross-country intricacies. Lastly, I am also well-versed in anything to do with Taiwan, having lived there briefly and being Taiwanese by culture. Please say "Hello" and ask me questions! ------- "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." ~ Howard Thurman, (1900-1981) minister, educator, civil rights leader Full profile Leave a Review

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