Reviews for MountainBike Tour Guide Davos & Klosters

Julian C.

I really enjoyed my half day out with Pete. He's very personable, happy to answer all manner of questions and quick to smile and laugh. We got to ride some great singletrack and see some stunning scenery too. Pete also smoothed out the bike renting and lift ticket buying process which was a great help to me. Unfortunately we were riding in wet conditions which slowed us down a bit but if you're an advanced downhill rider you should be aware you may be a faster rider than Pete, like I was. He's happy to let you go ahead, but if you want someone to lead you through new lines, jumps and drops and teach you some new techniques you should look for someone else. Pete also didn't have quite a detailed a knowledge of the tracks as I would have expected. Again it wasn't a problem for me as we got to see a bit more of the area and Pete was well equipped with an iPad for maps but we had to stop occasionally to check the right direction. Thanks, Pete, for a great afternoon out.