Athens, Greece

Museum-Hoping on a Scooter

with Dida D.

Dida D.

Apart from the ancient sights, Athens if full of museums. Historical & folklore museums, Islamic and Byzantine art, monetary museum, motor museum, libraries, architecture, contemporary art, sculpture, and photography. Secret exhibitions and events are happening all the time.

You can send me a list of your interests, and I will sort out what you might enjoy visiting. When we meet, we can discuss over a nice cup of coffee in the city centre and then we play by ear. It's up to you if we visit two or three museums in our five hours. We could end it by having drinks or something to eat!

If you come on your own, we can always use my vespa scooter. It adds up a sense of adventure in our little tour! :)

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Dida D.

I'm taking my masters in Restoration of Architectural Monuments and I'm into the idea that you need a past as an inspiration to a certain future. Museums provide us with our perspectives. I love Athens and I've never missed a chance introducing it to people from my point of view. Communication is one of the things I'm good at. Driving too, although I tend to stop at the last minute. Don't worry though, I never had any accidents. Full profile Leave a Review

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