Rome, Italy

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with Ilaria C.

Ilaria C.

Did you ever wonder if the place you're exactly looking at was an artist's point of view? And if in the nice palace right upon the street there was Goethe's house?Maybe many centuries ago someone, a traveller like you, wanted to go outside the city exploring the countryside and diving into the art that lives among nature. So, they used a pencil and a sketchbook to do it: Don't worry, we can use a camera!

The starting point is Rome, exactly Rione Campo Marzio. This was were artists entered the city from the central gates in front of Piazza del Popolo, from here you can visit the Twin Churches, The Pantheon, The Academy of Saint Luke and Fontana di Trevi.
Leave the city for a few days and explore the country side: artists loved these places. Here you can visit Palazzo Chigi and its gardens and try the delicious local cooking and wine.
Genzano & Castel Gandolfo
Have a relaxing drink at Hotel Belvedere and chill out at the Lake. Spend the night in Castel Gandolfo, visit the old town center and admire the Pope's Palace, then enjoy a delicious appetizer and dinner.
The artists Joseph Wright and Sanford Gifford were in love with this beautiful small town, try the delicious and typical fresh pastries and specialities.
Last day in Rome: visit the Botanical Garden and Villa Medici and then enjoy a romantic dinner in the streets around Piazza di Spagna.

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Ilaria C.

I was born in Rome, raised up between the gorgeous hills of Tuscany and the fascinating countryside of Sabina,and yes I know, that sounds arcadian. Tunisia enchanted me, but I was too young to appreciate the treasures of that culture (when you have 5 years old all you want from the desert is get the chance to travel by camel... check!). I had the chance to visit Ireland, and deeply fell in love with it, then I shivered a bit in Poland where at least I learned an important thing: even if you're not used to have warm cognac in the morning, there's a first time for everything. Then, after high school, I packed up and got a flight to Melbourne to meet part of my family, there I saw the most amazing nature I've ever seen, and coped with the funniest domestic invasion: Did you ever tried to make yourself a cup of coffee while a possum is on your table?Well, I did. When I finally came back to Rome I started University and here we are, I'm graduated in Art History and running my currently studies in cultural exchanges between Italy and England during the Eighteenth Century. I always lived my city deeply also because I lived in different areas of it and the nearby, my life and studies allowed me to come into contact with artists, musicians and the underground scene. In another century I'b probably be a lady owning a salon always full of poets and artists, living between Venice, Rome, London and Paris. In this one I share with that lady curiosity and passion, the pleasure of sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences with other people and being part of a large community made up of people from far and different places. Full profile Leave a Review

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