Berlin, Germany

Berlin Bottom-Up Tour

with Luckie L.

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Luckie L.

I'm Luckie, a native Berliner and former taxi & bus driver. I will show you by car places which you can't find in any Berlin guides - for sure. This tour is really special because you will see the places where punks, berber, junkies, prostitutes, squatters and zombies live in town.

"Legal-illegal- whatever!“. After this tour you'll know where the poor, drug and rebellious places are, and you will also get in touch with Berlin's social projects. At the end we will have a coffee stop in one of these facilities.

I speak "Berlinerisch" - but no worries, after a short training session also my German guests will understand me! If you come from abroad and don't speak German or "Berlinerisch" I can do the tour also in English for you. Please note, I'm not a native and fluent English speaker but if you like to laugh and would like to get in contact with a real Berliner you should book my tour.

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3h city tour through Berlin's trouble hotspost

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Luckie L.

Year of construction 54, born in Berlin, consequential. Father bus driver, mother housewife, five younger siblings (half-sister not counted) - after school 2 years worked as a trucker, then studies, Graduate Degree in Education, worked as a drug consultant, then taxi and bus driver. My hobbies: ice hockey, theater and playing cards. Single - with a lovely daughter in her twenties. Full profile Leave a Review

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