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Enjoy an exceptional full-day tour to the Great Wall of China with a picnic break on an ancient tower. Follow your guide up the Mutianyu section while hearing insightful commentary about this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sample tasty picnic lunch and sparkling wine while gazing at the views. After climbing back down, get dropped off at your hotel or the amazing 798 Art Zone.

Your day starts with hotel pickup in Beijing city centre followed by a drive of approximately 1-hour to reach the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. This UNESCO World Heritage architectural wonder was constructed more then 2,500 years ago to protect the Chinese from fierce northern tribes.
On a nearly-empty part of the wall, take an easy walk with frequent stops for photo opportunities and rest along the way. All along the Great Wall, imposing stone watchtowers stand tall above the landscape. Sit down for a picnic break inside one of these well-preserved watchtowers — an exclusive experience that’s only available with this tour. Sip on chilled sparkling wine paired with popular local snacks as you enjoy views over the countryside. (See sample menu under Itinerary below.)

Your guide will share the history of this masterpiece and describe how the Great Wall outposts controlled the borders and regulated traffic during the time of the Silk Road. When you have finished your great wall trip, your guide will return you to your Beijing hotel where your tour ends OR you have the choice to get dropped off at the 798 Art Zone.

The 798 Art Zone, located in northwest Beijing is an enormous 1950s factory that has been transformed into an arts center, with galleries, studios, museums, boutiques, cafés and bars. Take a look around on your own expense and enjoy a drink or dinner at a local restaurant before making your own way back to your hotel.

Note : Wall Picnic (subject to change based on seasonal availability): Local appetizers accompanied by chilled sparkling wine

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VariArts 'Insider Tour' of Beijing and Shanghai are ground breaking. Know these incredible metropolises with the expert perspectives of local designers, architects, military officers, scholars of history and archaeology, nightlife officiendos and home cooks. Yes you heard correctly! There's no use travelling to the other side of the world to meet someone else staying in a hotel. Our tours provide you with not only amazing guides but we'll cover the major sites and the minor, the grit and glamour in what most tourists pass by, traditional eateries only the locals know about, Chinese micro breweries, behind the scenes access to key museums and even nuclear bunkers. It's interactions and experiences like these which allow you to meet every day folks and perspectives you frankly can't put a price tag on. We've been pioneering cutting edge English language tours that take you to government buildings, workers studios, museums, archaeological digs, secret places (we'll keep secret) and more with guiding that is non scripted, expert and insightful. Our internationally renowned - mainly walking tours - show all the main sites while delivering a gripping narrative on China's ancient and imperial, communist and present history, character and contemporary state. Our highly acclaimed professional guides give knowledgeable and riveting accounts of the stories behind the Cultural Revolution, Mao's Long March, the Last Emperor and Japanese Occupation, the Cold War, through to the emergent and remarkable state of the new world and the 'China Century' - as reflected in the ancient and strikingly modern of Beijing and Shanghai. Get ready to see a side of China like few others. Full profile Leave a Review

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