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Sebastien B.

Sebastien is no jog-in-the-park hobbyist. Nope, this Frenchman in New York is the real deal, an athlete who can run 26 miles in the time it takes some of us to get out of bed. This guy’s the Duracell Bunny, a long-distance dynamo, a bona fide member of marathon-running’s sub-elite who’s not only able to steer you in the right direction in terms of tips, tracks and training, but he’ll take you running on New York’s less-traveled trails, away from all the slowcoach tourists. And don’t worry, he’s more than happy to slow down for you...

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Passionate about running? Are you coming to New York? Do you want to see the sites of the city? Contact me and we’ll take a customized tour. All you’ll need to do is lace up your shoes and we’ll be off. I'll show you my favorite running spots along the Hudson River or north of Central Park and away from all the tourists. If you're thinking of training for something, I'll give you the foundation and tips to make the best of your time training!

We can travel a couple of miles/km to keep going - just let me know what you want to do.

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Sebastien B.

I moved from Paris to New York almost 10 years ago. I have been running and racing the City for more than 6 years, from couples of miles/km to 37miles/60km. I am a sub-elite runner, member of New York Road Runners. I completed the NY City Marathon 2011 in 2h29min; I was 49th over more than 47 000 runners. My personal best is 2h26min at Chicago Marathon 2012. I travel a lot for work; I never have lot of time to visit the cities nor to train so I like to do both at the same time. By experience, it is not easy to find the good spots to run in a new city so I have decided to help runners visiting New York to find their way in the city. Full profile

34 Reviews


I had a fantastic time running with Sebastien! He is very friendly, enthusiastic about running and very knowledgeable about racing, training, running routes in New York and about living in New York. I love running back home in Vancouver, Canada and going on this tour was one of the highlights of my New York trip. I learned a lot about running and New York life from our one-on-one tour. I definitely recommend running with Sebastien :-)


Running with Sebastien was a really nice experience. We went up through Central Park and down via the Hudson River. He even contacted me the day before if I'd like to re-schedule because the weather forecast for our day was not good. He gave me some good tips and advice. I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like to go for a run in New York.

Renata M.

Thanks Sebastien Baret, it was really a great session! I hope you have a great run on Sunday, take care and I'm looking forward to running with you again (maybe at the Reservoir track... I really loved the tip :)


Sebastien is both an excellent runner and thoughtful coach. In addition to getting the chance to run with a super fast runner all around Central Park, including a semi-secret track, he gave excellent training advice to use in the future. Highly recommended!

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