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Caryn S.

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?
Is shopping for clothes a difficult experience?
Do you feel great in everything you wear?
Would you like a closet full of clothes you love and wear all the time.
Discover your personal style and find the clothes you love and feel fantastic in no matter your budget. Let me take you to the places that honor you, your style and your appearance. I pick you up at your hotel. We meet for a coffee or lunch to determine your personal style. Next we only go to the stores that honor you. You learn along the way clothing choices that have you feeling beautiful inside and out. We spend at least 4 hours together or as long as you need. You pay for my professional services and for my great taste. At your service with an eye for fashion.

Please go to my web page: http://www.carynshaye.com

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Caryn S.

Caryn’s eye for beauty, quality and impeccable good taste, paired with a loving compassionate heart, and lessons learned around self-love and not knowing what to buy for herself left her with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Knowing that it is absolutely never too late to make changes and transform, led her to this stage in her life working as a coach to empower women to self discovery, self-love and to be your “you” fully expressed. Caryn's desire is to touch, move and empower women to enliven their being, while learning to dress their unique soul level self’s fashion style. Through clothing choices that honor a woman’s essence, that bring in her desires Caryn is a source to empower women to be the who they know themselves to be. Caryn Shaye transformed herself from clothing woe-ish to clothing wow-ish and declares herself to be a work in progress. "The clothes I have I love, feel like myself in, and wear.” Caryn loves being sexy, having fun, connecting with people, being open and curious about everything. Quality, beauty, the finer things in life, creativity, spirituality, and uniqueness are all interests of hers. Caryn’s currently spends her time focusing on: fashion styling, personal shopping, closet clearing, image consulting, teaching Self-Love and Realizing Your Dreams Coaching, Speaking publically, Teleconferencing, Fashion Feng Shui® consulting, metatherapist, abstract painting and more…… Caryn’s experience as a teacher, evening bag designer, jewelry designer, accessory boutique owner, antique furniture buyer in Paris, aromatherapy coach, healthy eating coach and shoe party host all play a role in her Fashion Consulting career. Full profile Leave a Review

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