Carson City, Nevada

Lake Tahoe and Nevada WILDlife!

with Kat


Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on earth: a blue/green/sapphire jewel of a lake, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

This tour will explore what YOU are interested: wildlife, casinos, old towns, wild mustangs, camel racing (second weekend in Sept.) those "other" name it!

Coming up is Nevada Day, where the main highway through the state capitol of Carson City is closed for a huge themed parade. I will take up to THREE individuals into that parade provided they adhere to the group's dress requirement: for men, western clothing. For women...think saloon gal attire. The group? WildAssWomen of Nevada.

Please note: NOT for the faint of heart. You will be leading a wild (well, formerly wild) BLM burro, behind an 8 foot banner that proclaims you a WildAssWoman. And the crowd will treat you accordingly...just saying.

Book early; it's 10-26-13!

My qualifications: I worked for a tour company AND a taxi company in Tahoe for 12 years.

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