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with Onanong H.

Onanong H.

Join me for a day you will never forget. Bathing a huge elephant in a gently moving river, feeding the elephants and maybe even cutting some food for them.

We visit an elephant rescue program located in Kanchanaburi, a 2 1/2 hour drive from Central Bangkok. This program has evolved over several years and several operators into the very special program that is today.

Partially supported by the Royal Foundations this is a great opportunity to be really close to elephants. You will meet their mahouts (keepers/trainers), the really dedicated veterinarians and the other staff. There are usually some volunteer workers here as well from all over the world.

You will have the opportunity to ride an elephant into the river without a heavy and harmful platform. See the great joy these huge animals get as they play in the water while you bathe them.

Return to Bangkok rejuvenated and full of elephant energy.

You can do this tour and have a wonderful time even if you do not ride the elephants.

Transportation from Bangkok to Elephant Camp and back to your hotel, lunch at the camp and the day of activities at the camp. The day's activities can be very busy or not so busy just depending on your physical condition and what you want to see and do.

You can ride the elephants and bathe them. You can feed them some bananas or sugar cane. Talk to the vet, managers and other staff to learn everything you ever wanted to know about elephants.

Of course I'll be along as your personal guide and translator.

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Onanong H.

Onanong is an outgoing and friendly person. She loves to share her country’s distinctive culture with visitors to Thailand. Onanong has been a licensed Thai TAT English speaking tour guide since 2006. Along with culture, Onanong particularly enjoys bringing people close to nature and sometimes into close contact with animals. As one of the most respected guides who regularly show travelers around Thailand, Onanong is well known as the go to guide for trips to bathe elephants in the river and to ride elephants bareback. Onanong helped develop the special and size limited morning program at the famous Tiger Temple. There she can help you have the chance to bottle feed a tiger cub or perhaps to bathe a young tiger. A many talented individual she also loves to cook, especially Thai Issan cuisine from the northeast of Thailand. Her first book, a guide to making authentic American style hamburgers will be published soon. This book is written for modern Thai men and women who want to learn how to cook western style food the way it is prepared in authentic American style. Full profile Leave a Review

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