Taipei City, Taiwan

A Incredible Schedule Trip in Taiwan

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Hi! I want to show you what is Taipei City Culture now! In the first day,you can climb the Xiangshan 象山 just a few minutes to see the tallest skyscraper 101(ever before) in a close viewing distance ! you can see the unique religion in Dalongdong Baoan Temple 保安宮 ! you can see the beautiful sunset in Twatiutia 大稻埕! u can have fun in Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 ! In the second day, i will take u to the totally different temple Longshan (Dragon Mountain) Temple 龍山寺 and walking in MONGA Old Street 剝皮寮老街! The trip will show you how Taipei people playing in the city.I'll arrenge everything and all you have to do is follow me and have fun ! There's only two day sechedule because i only have my holiday to be with you, if you want more and more,just let me know!! Let's make a friend maybe the next time i'll travel your country and need your help haha.

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