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Purple hues of Jacaranda Trees line the streets of Pretoria in summer. A massive granite Monument stands tall and alone dominating parts of Pretoria and gives testimony to the determination of a nation. The Voortrekker Monument commemorates not only the Afrikaner nation but all the nations who played an important role in the history of South Africa. This majestic Monument was built to honour the early pioneers who bravely travelled from the Eastern Cape and surrounding areas to the interior of South Africa in 1835 during the " Great Trek" seeking new territories and Freedom. On this huge piece of ground displays beautiful gardens, a nature reserve, inside the Monument Friezes, tapestries and artifacts display the history of that time.
The Union Buildings stands proud through Political change also displaying beautiful gardens and buildings.

Pick up at 8h30 at your place of accommodation/ airport.
We visit the Majestic Voortrekker Monument I give you a guided tour of the Monument showing the many displays of historical events, viewing the gardens, inside the monument the friezes, tapestries, museum , beautiful viewings from the top of the monument, we then take a look at Fort Skanskop the war museum and surrounding areas on the grounds. We have refreshments and then drive through the city admiring the historical buildings, Kruger and Melrose house, City hall, Church Square, lovely architecture and along to Government Avenue to the Union buildings for a view of Pretoria and the buildings and gardens of the Union buildings.We will have a late lunch at an authentic Afrikaans Restaurant before we drive back to you drop off point at +-17h00

Here are 10 interesting facts about Pretoria:
1.Many of Pretoria’s streets are lined with Jacaranda trees that blossom mauve (purplish blue) in spring (for 3 weeks in October) giving rise to the city’s nickname “Jacaranda City”. The time of year the Jacarandas bloom in Pretoria coincides with the year-end exams at the University of Pretoria and legend has it that if a flower from the Jacaranda tree drops on your head, you will pass all your exams.
2. Church Street is Pretoria’s main street and its also the longest urban street in South Africa and one of the longest straight streets in the world.
3. There are more than 40 embassies in Pretoria. It’s the 2nd largest number in the world (behind Washington, D.C. in the United States).
4. The Cullinan Diamond (the largest gem diamond ever found) was discovered near the city at the Premier Mine on January 26, 1905.
5. Today more than 2.3 million people live in Pretoria.
6. Pretoria is one of South Africa’s leading academic cities. The city is home to the University of Pretoria (the largest residential University in South Africa), the Tshwane University of Technology and UNISA (the largest distance education university in the world).
7. Pretoria is the home of world’s largest soccer ball. The 50 ton ball sculpture was built around the top of the Lukasrand Telkom tower in the city in anticipation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The ball is 24 meters across and 8 storeys high.
8. Mrs Ples, the nickname for what is considered one of the oldest intact skulls of a distant ancestor of humankind dating back over 2-million-years ago is housed at the Transvaal Museum in Pretoria. The skull was discovered at the Cradle of Humankind (a world heritage site) near Johannesburg.
9. The Union Buildings (located at Meintjies Kop in Pretoria) is the official seat of the South African Government. Construction on the structure was completed in 1913. The Union Buildings were designed by Sir Herbert Baker. It’s the site of presidential inaugurations in South Africa.
10. The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (informally referred to as the Pretoria Zoo) is the national zoo of South Africa. The zoo is located in the Pretoria CBD. The Pretoria zoo was found by J.W.B. Gunning and established in 1899. The zoo became the official National Zoological Gardens in 1916

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