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In this family and kid friendly activity, learn how to make your own Sicilian Puppet or "Pupi" with local artisans using techniques passed down for generations in a real-life puppet workshop. A once in a life-time experience that gives you the opportunity to experience traditional local crafts while creating your very own Sicily Souvenir to share back home!!

Sicilian Puppet Shows, "Opera dei Pupi," are the theatrical representation of the Frankish romantic poets and one of the characteristic cultural traditions of Sicily. Enacted in traditional puppet theaters, they manifest the Sicilian tradition of "cantastori" (singers of tales) which are rooted in the troubadour tradition found during the reign of Frederick II (Holy Roman Emperor) during the early 13th century. The shows feature hand-made wooden marionettes with colorful backdrops. Operated in Naples and Rome, but mostly, from the first half of the nineteenth century, in Sicily, where it reached its full development.

This workshop could be spread out over a number of 2-3 hour classes, starting with a guided visit and tour of the local Sicilian Puppet Museum. This will be followed by a traditional Sicilian Puppet Show for your inspiration and a behind the scenes view of things. The following day the workshop and adventure begin!!

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Born in Hollywood, California, and raised in his Italian family’s restaurant alongside his five siblings. Marcello was immersed in Italian food and wine culture as a child, learning how to spell Chianti before his ABC’s. He first came to the island of Sicily almost 20 years ago on a train from Rome and never quite left. He fell in love with the people, culture and most of all the food!! His multicultural adventurous spirit, love of food + wine, and a passion for meeting people, led him to become a Travel Specialist, using his “Sicilian connections” for kindred spirits looking to discover and explore the cultural mosaic of Sicily. As a long-time resident of the island, he connects his guests to the same "local life" experiences that he has had the privilege of discovering personally. Whether it's finding that perfect local Trattoria or unique Bed & Breakfast, making cheese with shepherds alongside ancient ruins, tasting robust wine on Mt. Etna after a leisurely hike on a volcano, picking olives and making your own oil for the best souvenirs ever, or just visiting towns, ancient ruins and outdoor sites with passionate and knowledgeable cultural and outdoor guides. He strives to personalize a Sicily Adventure that is in line with your individual travel style and infused with the "local life" experience. Full profile Leave a Review

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