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with Dale M.

Dale M.

I'll show you tips and tricks for making a scrapbook travel journal during your trip. This will not only give you a priceless keepsake of your trip, but, perhaps more importantly, enhance your trip WHILE you're traveling, making it more memorable and more meaningful for you. My wife and I have both done this many, many times. I also have a special approach for kids. For best results take this mini-class from me before your trip. It will help you get your mouth set for your trip. And you'll come home with the ultimate souvenir!

A discussion by phone or Skype, in advance of your trip to learn some techniques for making a totally you travel memory keepsake

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Dale M.

Hello. I'm an avid traveller and I love sharing stories about travel experiences and about favorite places, tips for making a trip more meaningful and more memorable. My wife, Lynne, and I have done a number of slide shows of trips for friends and are often asked by friends for advice to help them plan their trips. In the 90's I was traveling mostly to Germany and Japan, and over the past decade we've been focusing our trips on France (Paris, the Dordogne, Provence) and Italy (Florence, Siena, Tuscany and Umbria). Quick story: when the Berlin wall was opened, I was there, watching as some enterprising west Berliners were renting hammers and chisels to American tourists to be a part of history, taking the wall apart physically. One middle-aged businessman said to his colleague, both in three-piece suits, as they worked to chisel the wall to gravel, "Careful there, Bill, you cut your hand and you're getting blood on your tie!" I love telling stories and helping folks make their travels particularly memorable and special. Full profile Leave a Review

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