Tokyo, Japan

Tofu in the Mountains "Japan"

with Tommy I.

Tommy I.

Are you a TOFU Lover? Do you love Japanese Food? Are you intrigued by the mysteries of the Orient? This is a trip for you. If you are visiting Japan and want a personal guide by an American that has taught and lived here for 30 years with the ability to read and speak this challenging language, then I might be the person for you. I teach art at an international school in Tokyo, am well known for my interesting chef skills, have fun with the lovely people of Japan, and enjoy each and every day. Japan is so unique in this crazy silly world. However, it is safe and easy to get around if you have a language savvy guide. I will escort you for about 6 hours up to a mountain area called Tanazawa for a Tofu Set of wonderful flavors you will never ever forget. Approximately 2 hours from central Tokyo.
I am very knowledgeable about Diabetes, Gout, Asthma, and Lactose intolerance. The only thing I cannot help you with is 100% Kosher or Halal foods.

1. I will come to your hotel to pick you up in Tokyo or Yokohama. I will make sure your Pasmo (JP. Travel Charge Card) is adequately charged.

2. We will then take the amazing train network out towards Kanagawa, change over to a bus, walk up a slight up grade and drop into a fabulous restaurant I have selected and know well. There are many Tofu Specialty restaurants along the way, but my choice should be perfect. After that we will continue upward, get on a cable car and go to the top of the mountain.

3. The Tofu set costs ¥2400 per person but will make you feel happy to be alive. Total costs for trains etc. with special passes will be approximately ¥2500 round trip, but this could vary with your local connections in Tokyo.

4. The shops along the way up the mountain offer some excellent photo opportunities plus unique food and souvenirs to take home.

5. I will make you smile!

I will meet you at your hotel in either Tokyo or Yokohama, as navigating the train system can get complicated. Top of the mountain can be chilly in summer and fall so a sweat shirt is recommended. Sneakers or similar for walking. Fall and winter cold on top, so a winter jacket is best. During the fall through early spring, the air and skies are crispy clear. Summer time brings haze and humidity. I love all weather, so no favorites for me.

Most world credit cards work fine at Japanese Post Office ATM machines.

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Tommy I.

I have been in Japan for 30 years teaching art and science for both the US State Department and at an International School in Tokyo. I have a Masters Plus Degree in Education. I studied Japanese formally at the University, but progressed by working diligently on my own. For the last 29 years, I have been taking family, colleagues and friends of all my contacts on day tours in and around the Toykyo, Yokohama area. You will enjoy being part of my of my group traveling around a schedule made specifically for you and your party. I prefer to work with 2 people at a time to make the event something special you will always remember, but willing to take up to five people at a time. I totally understand dietary concerns such as Gout, Diabetes, Lactose Intolerance and Asthma. (Kosher and Halal are impossible to strictly follow in Japan). I would always like to use SKYPE or FaceTime before any contract is set so we can make sure your needs are met. Life is Good! Tommy Full profile Leave a Review

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