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Self confessed beer geek! Lover of all things beer and food related in London! In my spare time I run a beer tasting events company called Indie Ales aimed at sharing my passion for great independent beer.

Each tour will include a trip to a traditional/historical pub, a brewery visit with the chance to meet the brewer, a craft beer bar and a visit to a specialist beer shop where you can purchase local beer to enjoy at home!

I'm a firm believer in drinking fantastic beer and especially beer brewed locally, wherever you are in the world. Beer is a culture in itself and the traditional English pub is a mainstay of British culture with a rich an interesting history. There has been a huge explosion of craft beer in London, turning the city into one of the finest cities to consume a frothy beverage in the world. There are over 60 breweries in London (and growing) as well as hundreds of historical pubs and specialist craft beer bars.

I can't wait to show you around and share my passion and knowledge of the London beer scene with you.

Price includes expert beer tuition tour, and all beer.

You must be over 18 to consume alcohol in the UK but those under 18 are welcome to attend and not consume alcohol.

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Beer geek with a passion for beer, especially craft beer brewed by independent breweries in London. I run a beer and coffee subscription service called and I love helping people discover great beer. I also get excited assisting people exploring London and the booming beer scene, it just wouldn't be the same without sharing the experiences with new people! London born, raised in Surrey, learnt to drink as a student in Leeds, interned in New York, I've explored some of the world and now I'm settled and doing my thing in London. Full profile

3 Reviews

Bertie R.

Had a great day with Charlie yesterday exploring a part of London I was not familiar with. We started off at a pub from years gone by, established sometime in the 17th century and then ventured down via the Maltby Street Market to taste some fine British home brewed beers. Amazing to taste such a variety of delicious beers and to witness this exciting new London trend of craft beer! Thanks and can't wait to do it again!! Bert

Lisa R.

I would highly recommend this tour to someone who is looking to see a different fun side of London. As I had been to London a few times before I knew I wanted to find an experience that gave me some new insight into some of the cool new scenes happening....craft brewing is definitely one of them and Charlie did a great job of introducing me to some really interesting people in the brew scene. He has a great knowledge of what is happening in the industry and is also just a lot of fun to hang out with! As his normal tour date did not work out, he was kind enough to do a a personalized tour for me during the week. Not only did we go to some of new craft breweries and do personal tasting and tours he also gave me some suggestions for those that were only open during the weekend, which I came back and checked out and his recommendations were right on target! He also recommended a great app for me to use for the brews and places we visited and followed up with detail on everything we had during the night. It is totally worth the money and is a very reasonable deal for the experience you get. Thanks Charlie, looking forward to seeing you during my next trip to London!

David R.

Charlie is awesome! He tweaked the tour to meet our needs and delivered exactly what we requested. His pre-tour communication was great and he was waiting for us at the predetermined spot. Took us to three, wonderful small breweries/ craft beer bars. Charlies passion and knowledge for independent beers and breweries shines through. Will definitely use him again on our next trip!

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