Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Not Just a City Tour

with Claudia D.

Claudia D.

Multi-cultural, creative, dynamic, alternative, punk, trendy: in one word, this is Berlin. A city where you can find everything you're looking for.

We won't do just a standard city tour but we will visit different areas from a local point of view, from the alternative areas to the urban areas, from west to est, from art and history to nightlife and fun, street art and graffiti.


• Berlin Wall Memorial
• Hitler Bunker
• Kreuzberg and its alternative people, squat houses and clubs
• Schöneberg and its gay area/clubs and restaurants
• Friedrichshain: the new punk, students area and cafè
• Cafe, clubs area and typical markets around the city
• Shopping area, urban and alternative
• Street art and design
• Architecture from est to west: the differences
• Canals, parks and monuments

We will visit and compare different corners of the city, different cultures, you will see the different faces of the city. Taste a different flavour, taste Berlin!

Tour guide and an expert local prospective
Tips on restaurants and nightlife

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