Eugene, Oregon

Eugene Starts With You

with Don K.

Don K.

Oregon is not a place that makes it easy on newcomers. (North Bend is 275 miles southwest of Bend, for example.) We keep names that are hard to pronounce, just to trick visitors into revealing themselves. And Eugene is just like Oregon, only more so.

The stories people tell about us are simple (tie dye, Ducks, liberal, vegan) and you already know them. But the stories we tell each other — those are complicated and interwoven, and far more captivating.

Don is a flaneur. (Look it up. We'll wait.) He has wandered Eugene for two decades, collecting stories and retelling the best ones, as a newspaper editor, radio personality, civic leader, and columnist. He's worked with artists, architects, historians, activists, marketers, vagabonds, leaders and misfits.

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