Matera, Italy

Explore the Hidden History of Matera

with Pietro F.

Pietro F.

Matera is a city where human history never stopped to flow.
During this tour, you will first visit a complex of caves in which the first human settlements of the area were located, during the Paleolithic and Neolithic Age. This place is called "La Grotta dei Pipistrelli"- the cave of the bats. We will not take you too deep inside the cave, it is dangerous, but you will receive all the historycal information about it.

Later during the tour, I will take you to visit the ancient monastery called "San Nicola dell'Ofra", characterised by several caves-dwellings all communicating with each other. The monks used to live here, isolated from civilization and focused on their prayers and connection to God.

The first two destinations are located in a wonderful place on the edge of our Gravina (the canyon excavated by the river Gravina), and the nature around is amazing.

After this wonderful walk, we will head to my home. There, you will savour a typical italian lunch, cooked by my mum (tha italian famous MAMMA) and drink some of our regional typical wine. The food is mainly prepared with local vegetables, legumes and cheese.

"Grotta dei pipistrelli" - The cave of the bats
"San Nicola dell'Ofra" - Ancient monastery
Typical lunch with Italian family

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Pietro F.

I love my city and its history and I am ready to make people discover it, outside the normal touristic routes. I can show you what it means to be eating with an italian family and appreciate the mediterranean diet. This is an opportunity for me to know more people from anywhere but also to show my city and the heritage we have in this remote region of Italy. I live in Matera. I am 25 years old. I was in my city until 28 years old then I wen to the University in Bologna for one year. After that I moved to France for another year (I got a scolarship) and the following year in Montreal. I got my degree in Natural Sciences and then I spent the last three years in China, Qingdao, studying a master in Marine Biology. Now I am staying in Matera I am always willingful to get more experience and knowldge and to get to know different people from everywhere. I am interested basically in everything. History, art, music, nature. Full profile Leave a Review