Rainy Day Bargain Shopping - SF Bay Area

with Dr D.

Dr D.

During the San Francisco / Bay Area winter, rain often makes outdoor activities less than appealing for visitors.

So I'm offering to take people around to shopping areas rarely frequented by tourists.

We'll go by car, zooming from place to place until you find what you're looking for, or something you weren't seeking but end up loving.

Usually, it will be clothes and shoes, those being the most transportable for visitors back home.

But we can look for anything you are interested in checking out.

P.S. Before you look at the photos - hopefully heads won't be cut off :-) - please PLAY VIDEO ...

The song itself - "I Got a Meetin' in the Ladies' Room" by Klymaxx - can be started in three places, depending on how much introduction you like ...

The start / about 35 seconds / about a minute - 1:00 - in ...

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What story links my four-&-counting Vayable "experiences": :-) ??? 1) SF DANCE PARTY / HAPPY HOURS 2) SOCRATIC SAN FRANCISCO 3) BAY AREA ZEN WALKS 4) HIGH-QUALITY BARGAIN SHOPPING After a fairly long "lifetime" of focusing on "big issues" -- like the continuous-since-Black Sept 2008 global economic crisis -- I've realized how bad this focus is for my soul :-). Everything is such a mess everywhere - too painful for an old dude like me. So I decided I needed to follow my other - more constructive ;-) - big passions: DANCING in particular, PARTYING in general Hence, my first Vayable experience: SF DANCE PARTY / HAPPY HOURS Much nicer general environment, where the emphasis for me is making it easier for people to HAVE FUN :-) At the same time, in the only good line from Godfather III, re the wretched state of the world today, "every time I think I'm out, they keep pullin' me back in !!!" That is, with the best intentions on their part, lots of people still want to chat - at length / in detail - about all the miserable stuff happening :-). And of course it's still totally fascinating to me, even in its grisly concreteness ;-) But I think it's healthier to discuss in a pleasant environment, preferably walking around Hence, V#2: SOCRATIC SAN FRANCISCO. Old skool - like, REALLY old school ;-) Peripatetic Then I realized the way I usually take these walks - as a meditative experience, where I try to think about my life in a more conscious & direct way than I have before - could ALSO be shared to mutual benefit, albeit mostly in SILENCE Hence, V.3: BAY AREA ZEN WALKS Next to me in Profile Pic is my dear sweet girlfriend JENNY, who deserves MUCH better than me as a boyfriend - tho I don't mean that in the "usual" way ... And I will say that I have helped her acquire a pretty smokin' wardrobe & accessories for PENNIES on the dollar ;-) Hence #4: HIGH-QUALITY BARGAIN SHOPPING Hon AB Harvard, MA / PhD Princeton, faculty @ Duke, Fordham, NC State, UMiami, most recently, graduate education for working adults ... Indie doc film, writer / director talent scout, radio / tv / magazine gigs, founder MA in Media Studies program in SF ... Chief Political Economist for Singapore-based world econ web site ... Yeah, it's all the same person -- and now I've moved to Shanghai ... :-) ... Full profile Leave a Review

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