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in-Depth French Pastry & Chocolate Tour

with Jesica L.

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Jesica L.

So many options! So much to try! How to get started? This is an opportunity for you to sample some of the best of French pastry and chocolate. Discover why Paris is the capital of gourmandise as you taste, sample and compare both the classic and the recent creations of France’s leading pastry chefs and chocolatiers.

I'm a food historian with ten years of food touring experience. Sign up for this three hour walking and tasting tour and listen to the most fascinating stories behind the products and createurs of France’s amazing dessert scene.

The tour takes place in St. Germain des Près, a classic Parisian neighborhood with lots of pastry shops, boulangeries and chocolate boutiques.

The visit will go from traditional treats, to some representative examples of the latest pastry creations. You will be introduced to North African sweets and taste the work of one of the most renowned chocolatiers in Paris. You will learn how French pastry became what it is today as we try both, classic and haute gamme pastries from the best pastry chefs in France.

Tour runs Tuesdays, and Thursdays to Sundays, from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

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Jesica L.

Art Historian, Master in Cultural Tourism and co-founder of the first food tour company in Mexico, I settled seven years ago in Paris to explore, eat and share my experiences with French food culture. Full profile

30 Reviews

Alexandre C.

Our tour with Jesica was fantastic! We were lucky that we were the only ones on the tour that day. Her knowledge of the neighborhoods and shots I impressive and we learned quite a lot about chocolate and pastries. Jesica is a nice and sweet. It was like spending a few hours with a friend. I would highly recommend this tour or any other type that she does. Can't wait to be back in Paris!

May H.

We had a lovely time with Jesica! Learned more than I would ever have thought. I liked that we switched off between chocolate and pastry. But be prepared to have more desserts than you can handle. An added bonus - we went on a Belgien chocolate tour a few days later in Brussels and the tour guide was impressed about how much I knew. Of course this was all because of the Jesica and the knowledge she passed on.


jesica's pastry tour is amazing. basically there's three things going on here: - you're eating amazing pastry and chocolate the entire tour, non-stop, with no lag-time or low-spots - jesica is an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable resource, allowing you to feel comfortable with all those inane touristy questions we all have - you end up learning about two thousand years of culinary history without realizing it i think there is just a perfect correspondence between the curated nature of the experience and the hidden nature of paris. there's just _so much_ in paris, and it's easy to get lost. jesica has hand-picked some of the most incredible bakeries in paris through what seems like years of painstaking research! she not only tells you what each place specializes in and how they make everything so good, but how they developed these techniques over the centuries. by the end of the tour, the whole meme of "man, how did the french develop such an amazing culinary culture?!" gets demystified a little bit -- jesica shows you the stages of how (and why) it happened. and, of course, the whole time, you are reaping the sweet rewards of the process. anyhow: highly recommended. insider information i never could have got on my own, and it took my appreciation of intricate pastries and chocolates to unimagined heights. thank you jesica!

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