Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Local Cultural Trips at Eastern Crete

with Manolis S.

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Manolis S.

Welcome to Crete!

The tours are addressed to visitors that would like to meet the traditional everyday living of the Cretans, their culture, their customs in the past and present!

Meet Crete in a unique way. Through my experience, my personal relationships and my love for the place i live in, i provide you the means to meet Cretan villages its people the way of living and the throughout the time traditions.

Local Cultural Excursions for small groups
You will have the chance to visit the beautiful countryside of Merampello.
I organize tours based on your wants and likes and i adjust them to your needs.

I organize your trip, i combine activities and i offer you the following:
1) Presentation of Cretan musical instruments (visits to musical workshops, learn how to play each instrument)
2)Guided tours to villages of Merampello (local stories and geographical features)
3) Meet the animal husbandry lifestyle of the locals (milking , sheep shearing, the art of making traditional cheese etc)
4) Meet the agricultural lifestyle of the locals (geomorphological data, gathering of vegetables, collect grapes etc)
5) Presentation and learning how to dance traditional dances
6) Tour around the mountains of Merampello
7) Tour around the coasts of Merampello
8) Tour around the villages of Merampello and the city of Agios Nikolaos
9) Attend Cretan feasts
10) “Kazanemata” the procedure of producing a traditional cretan drink known as raki
11) Tour through the paths of religion (visit to churches and monasteries)
12)Traditional night out with live music

If you want to meet our culture, understand our way of living and the importance of our cultural heritage, trust our immediacy and authenticity and i promise you an enjoyable trip!

Thank you for your time

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Manolis S.

I am a guy with a lot of potential, i love life, nature and friends and i tries always to make people around me happy... I am educated, healthy, well mannered and vegetarian. I also love Crete and i have been travelling around so i knows the right places for the right people... Full profile

1 Review


Manolis didn't show up for a booked tour after confirming the reservation the night before, and didn't even have a courtesy to let me know. I stood on the street of a strange city waiting for an hour while he didn't even pick up the phone or answered text messages. Most unprofessional! Stay away!

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