Wroclaw, Poland

The Spirit of Wroclaw

with Kinga


If You looking for the cultural place with a big history and 100 bridges - You have just found -WROCLAW - the place where You can see a lot of dwarfs , nice old chruches and also amazing old town. Wroclaw has many places where You can take a breath and drink beer from local brewery, eat food from nice restaurants with polish food...Get experience with multicultural city!

Walking trip around the must see places in Wroclaw.
If somebody is interested in local food and drinks - welcome:)

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I am Kinga from Poland. I`ve just graduated at University of Physical Education in Tourism and Recreation in Wrocław ,Poland. I am very active, sociable person who loves adventures, sport and especially dance and tennis. I am also interested in art and culture, its a pleasure to meet other people from different cultures so I can share my culture as well. From my seventeen I am still travelling. We only live once, so why not to have a chance of having better, more passionate life. During my studies I met very interesing people from all over the world. I truly like talk with people and spent time in different places. My passion for travelling and leisure time helped me with many tasks conected with tourism industry. If I can give somebody better time, and show everything what I can - I am happy:) ---> Wrocław is very interesing city with many activities and nice places to see , Wrocław gonna be the capital of culture in Europe in 2016<----- Full profile Leave a Review