Reviews for Walk Like a Local in SF

Er M.

This awesome place

Sarah A.

I am a year late with this review but just recommended this tour as a MUST DO to a friend that is traveling to San Francisco. This was the highlight of our trip! Samir was amazing and extremely knowledgable. He took us to the best food places in the Mission district and showed us a lot of great murals. I would recommend this tour to anyone who is visiting SF and loves food!

Jed H.

Great tour! Samir is very passionate about food and clearly knows the Mission well. It was great to talk to him about restaurants and the neighborhood more generally, which he guided us through based largely on what we were interested in and liked to eat. The only minor problem was that he was about ten minutes late to meet up, but we did get the added bonus of directions to a great viewpoint of the city from Bernal Heights. I would recommend Eat Like a Local in SF. Samir is a great guide!

Jon B.

This tour is amazing. Samir makes everyone feel like they are his best friend and he takes you around a part of the Mission that is SO rich in history, culture, art, food, drink, and life. Samir is so generous with his experiences, his time, and his energy. GREAT tour. Thanks Samir!!!


Samir is fabulous guide who not only know his food but also history! The walk down the Mission 24th was like a treasure hunt, we discovered some great food, slices of history and some very beautiful murals. This is not something that you would find in a guidebook, just something that someone who knows and loves the city would be able to show you. For someone who runs a food website, it was to make my own Pasta, figured places for the best organic produce and some hidden gems of San Fransisco. Totally recommend this! A must do :-)

Matthew L.

Any evening that begins with Papalote chips + salsa and ends with Humphry Slocombe breakfast ice cream is going to be a great evening. And with Samir as your guide, a man who knows the Mission, knows his food, and knows the people making the food - you're guaranteed to get the best stuff around. This was such a fun evening - great company and great food on one of the best eating streets in North America.

Nancy Y.

Samir's tour was a fun and relaxing way to get immersed in the Mission food scene. We got to meet a few chefs and learn about their backstories. And the food was AMAZING. I loved that we got the chance to walk around Mission, to digest before the next restaurant and also look at murals in the area. Samir is really knowledgeable and friendly, and even had a place for us to store our luggage before the tour started. Definitely a must if you're in San Francisco. TIP: come with a completely empty stomach, because there is a LOT of yummy food to try!


What a wonderful experience! In this 3 hour food tour we visited restaurants where food was freshly made in front of our eyes, we tasted the most delicious salsa and a mouth-watering goat cheese pizza, we could choose from 11 kinds of meat on a taco and we had the strangest ice cream combinations as dessert. The Mission is a very lively neighbourhood and Samir could tell a lot about its history. Our walk even included some beautiful and interesting murals. So actually we had a food & mural tour in one go! I enjoyed every part of it! Thank you Samir.

Kelsi G.

Not only does Samir have a wealth of knowledge about food and culture in the Mission, his relationships with the people in this business make his tour truly unique. I got to talk with the chefs themselves and sample the ingredients they'd bought at the market that morning. So fun! Samir kept us interested with stories about the neighborhood and even showed us some of his favorite street art. Thanks for the awesome tour Samir!

Kara D.

We took Samir's awesome tour last night, and it went beyond our expectations. We got a full tour of the Mission District straight from a long-time local and hit up 5 or 6 yummy hotspots. Samir was very knowledgeable on the local arts/murals which was fun to learn interspersed with our local ice cream/pizza/taco/beer pit stops. Highly recommended tour and makes me want to move to the Mission...soon!! Thanks Samir.