Cuenca Canton, Ecuador

Cuenca Housing Program

with Suzanne T.

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Suzanne T.

Are you considering retiring in Cuenca Ecuador?
Are you coming for a visit to investigate if Cuenca is a good fit for you?

This tour is designed for you. In 6 hours ...

•You visit the 5 major neighborhoods where expats live
•You experience the inside of 5 expat’s homes, apartments and condos
•You discover what they each pay for rent, utilities, internet, TV
•You find out if they rented unfurnished: how much they paid to furnish their home
•You learn the benefits and challenges each expat experiences in their neighborhood
•You ask questions during our Q and A with each expat family

In addition:
A local Ecuadorian expert on the rental market will speak to you about the neighborhoods.

He will provide you with a detailed map, the approximate rental prices and his tips for how you can negotiate a good rental contract.

You will have a Q and A so you can ask him your specific questions.

In addition: You will be my guest for a typical Ecuadorian lunch (almuerzo) in a gorgeous neighborhood at the foot of the Cajas mountains.

During lunch an Ecuadorian expert on Visas and shipping containers will be available to answer your questions and connect you with service providers.

By the end of this 6 hour experience:
•You will know what neighborhoods and types of housing you do NOT want to live in.
•You will have clarified your own housing requirements and in many cases narrowed down your search to one or two neighborhoods and a favorite style of home, apartment or condo.
•You will understand the benefit and cost of renting fully furnished.
•You will understand what unfurnished means in Cuenca and approximately what it costs to furnish a home.
•If you move to Cuenca this 6 hour experience will help you decide whether to ship your belongings in a container or buy new furniture in Ecuador.

People are saying:
“meets all your needs”… Cindy Benson, Nov. 2013
“this was just perfect and met our needs”…Catherine Catlin, September 2013
“helped me decide if I want to retire in Cuenca”…Stephen McVey, September 2013
“very helpful – informative – essential!!!”… Chris Loeks, August 2013
“hearing personal preferences and opinions of expats living in each neighborhood”…Lannie Loeks, August 2013
“discovering what neighborhood suits our needs”…Isabelle Sheardown, August 2013
“it was very useful to look at apartments and visit with Expats who live there”…Keith McEwen, August 2013

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Suzanne T.

In 1980 I went to Guadalajara, Mexico with my mother to investigate her possible retirement in Lake Chapala. We signed up for a very modest 4 day program offered by a retired couple from Ohio. They let us go through their home, their kitchen and bathrooms. They took us to a shopping mall to see what food, appliances, tools were available. We went to big and small grocery stores and fresh open markets. We visited the local hospital and medical clinic. Another day we went to furniture stores so we could decide if we wanted to bring our furnishings from the US or buy new in Mexico. At night we dined with other people from the US who were on our “tour”. We shared our anxieties, our ideas and our excitement about life in a new culture. After those 4 short days we all had a good idea of what life in Lake Chapala was like and we each could decide if we wanted to move there. That trip planted the idea in my mind that when it was my turn to retire, it would be an international adventure. So thanks Mom! She chose to retire in the US and when I retired in 2000, I chose to travel and by 2012 I left the US and made Cuenca, Ecuador my new home. When I was first Considering Cuenca, I looked for a package like the one my mom and I signed up for in Mexico. The only programs I could find were focused on real estate. So when Susan suggested we start this business together, I was and I remain thrilled to have a program where … We don’t tell you about living in Cuenca, we show you what it’s like to live here. Then you too can decide for yourself. Full profile Leave a Review