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Juliane B.

Rio de Janeiro - Surf or SUP?

Rio de Janeiro is privileged by nature. The natural beauty found in the east coast of the city seduces visitors passing through the region; nothing better for children than to mix a fantastic scenery with extreme sports.

You can’t be in Recreio dos Bandeirantes and not surf. But do not try to be clever and go into the sea without having experience. There are many surf schools in the neighborhood and the beaches until Grumari are true havens.

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Barra de Guaratiba is little known even among the locals. But the place hosts one of the most important collections of living plants in the world and breathtaking beaches. Restinga da Marambaia in Barra de Guaratiba is the cinematic background for a stand up paddle practice. Casa do Remo, at Burle Max Road is the best choice for Stand up paddle school for children with full equipment and professional instructors.

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Does having kids mean that your travel bug has buzzed its last? Nope Traveling enriches your mind and enlightens your soul, it allows you to see everything from a new perspective. When you return from any travel take a moment and notice the ways it has enriched you as a person and changed your point of view. So think about the benefits you can provide to your kids when you travel with them. I am Brazilian. I lived 12 years away from Brazil. Spent most of those years in England. Two years in Australia, years on and off between South Africa and Brazil. I also gave myself 2 years travel around Asia, where I had the chance to stay for several months in Indonesia, one of my favorite destination. I have always traveled on my own. Three years ago I returned to Brazil but I continue traveling. But now I have the best traveler company, my 8 years old daughter. Full profile Leave a Review

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