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A London Christmas, 1843

with Mish

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'Come in! Come in! and know me better, man!'

The famous words of Charles Dickens, and the Ghost of Christmas Present, invite you to get to know Victorian London better in this festive walking tour! In 1843 the first edition of 'A Christmas Carol' was published, just in time for the Christmas season… But what was the festive season like then? What carols would Londoners be singing? Where could one buy a goose, or better yet a prize turkey? 'Not the little prize turkey; but the big one!' What gifts would be on a wish list of 1843?

We mustn’t forget the daily trials the streets served up to the Victorian Londoners who lived and worked on them. '‘Are there no prisons?’ asked Scrooge. ‘Plenty of prisons,’ said the gentleman, ‘…many can’t go there; and many would rather die.’' The prisons, workhouses and treadmills held horrors for those who had no other choice. A wintry London could be hard and cruel to those less fortunate, yet many still found ways to be merry.

This Christmas, learn the roots of many well-known traditions on a London walking tour; find the very places that inspired Dickens to write 'A Christmas Carol'; and find out just what it would have been like on the streets of London in 1843.

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What was going to be short term, turned into a long standing love affair with London and its history. The stories of those who have walked the same streets I use today keep this city inspiring, invigorating and entertaining. For several years I have guided many a Londoner and Out-of-Towner through the overlooked passages and winding roads, shining light on the city and its constantly evolving façade. Through my tours I hope to introduce you to the characters, visitors and locals who, across the centuries, have all called London home. Full profile Leave a Review

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