Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tailored Trip

with Pamela K.

Pamela K.

These are just a couple of ideas to spend some good time in B.A. Once we get in touch I can help you out with bookings, reservations and general advises.
LOCAL COLORS form La Boca to Palermo.
We'll tour around the city from south to north, to understand its history. We'll be visiting the main spots in town, and discovering the secrets that this city holds.
Let´s take the route of art. Museums and art galleries.
PAMPAS BREEZE . Enjoy a Day out in the Country Side. Horseback riding and Super Asado.
DURATION : 8 hours
The legend of Gaucho becomes true. See the farmer's life style and discover why Argentinian beef is so good! We'll spend the day on a ranch 1 hour away from Buenos Aires.
DURATION: 6 hours
A cross between Amazonas, Venice and Vietnam. Let Mother Nature surprise your self ! Just 30 minutes away from the city there is a massive Delta that holds more than 500 hundred islands.
Argentinians love dancing...Do you??? Form electronic music to afro drums vibrating in an old factory in the middle of the city. Let us know what kind of music do you like to dance and let you take to the best parties in B.A

Each tour is unique, customized to suit your tastes.

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Pamela K.

I´m a 33 years old Porteña( born and raised in B.A) girl. There are 3 things I really know about my City 1- Where to find the most rare and glamorous goods for the best price 2- Where to go depending on your mood and your interest. 3- Where to eat depending on without you feel like. Full profile Leave a Review

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