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Feel a Different Chinatown With Me :)

with Eva C.

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Eva C.

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Hi all!
Welcome to New York, in this city you can have whatever you wish for and whatever you like to see.

Whenever people talk or think about Chinatown, you probably would think about Chinese food, narrow and crowded streets, fresh markets etc... BUT, I have something different here for you, picking by my own hand! This trip is design for people who are into art/design/fine food/design/bar/music etc, if you happened into any of those, contact me!

Chinatown in Manhattan probably is the most interesting Chinatown in the world I've ever seen so far, it combine the past and present, you can still have all the stuff you will find in Chinatown, YET! you can see some chic chic new stuff here too!

How about we start our day with New Museum? and then we will have a little walk around the neighborhood, we could see many interesting street arts, small designer boutiques, then we will stop by a place called Cantine Parisienne for dinner. It's a great space for art lover!

Finally, I will bring you to a discreet cocktail bar where you need a password to get in - for awesome live Jazz and cocktail for a perfect ending of the day.

Sounds good to you? Contact me now, we gonna have a great time!

**All expenses had already included in the flat rate.

We will meet at New Museum (235 Bowery, New York) around 2pm, spend 1~2 hours explore the place (depends how you like it!) and we will have a stroll around the neighborhood (Lower East Side/Nolita/Chinatown) to see the street art, stores etc. Then we will stop by Cantine Parisienne for dinner, they serve excellent find food and it's a great artsy space itself.
At last, we will go to an awesome cocktail bar called Apotheke where they have great live Jazz music and custom cocktail waiting for you :)

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Eva C.

Hi, I am Eva! Here's something about me... I love showing people around, sharing my passion of this amazing city. You may find tons of tourist attractions from either the Internet, travel guide, or blog etc., but what makes your trip the most valuable is to see that place with people who live there, and that what I like to do for you :) My biggest passions are travel, art, design, fashion, food & wine, music, photography, and observing people. Chinese Mandarin is my mother tongue, and I am perfectly fluent in English, TRYING to learn some German! People who know me said I make them feel comfortable and chill. Making my guests really fall in love with New York and eager to come back is my mission! 你好,我是Eva 我很喜歡帶著剛來到紐約的人們到處走走晃晃,分享我對這座城市的熱情以及一些私房景點。 現在網路可以找到相當多的旅遊資訊,但若是你希望旅行時也能夠融入當地生活,我相當樂意當你的嚮導! 中文是我的母語,因此中文解說是沒問題的。如果你對藝術、時尚、設計、旅遊、音樂、攝影有興趣,我會是你最好的旅伴! 我的朋友們都認為我是個非常好相處的人,希望我能讓你的紐約行成為一次難得又開心的經驗 :D Full profile Leave a Review

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