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have a good tour from airport or hotel or la goulette port to sidi bousaid in nice city then we visit carthage and souks in medine this tours take around 4 hours in tunis capital you can discover the old tunis .

hotel or airport or la goulette port tehn sidi bousaid carthage and medina souks in dowtownItinerary
Step back through the millennia at the ancient ruins of Carthage. Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, this once mighty city was home to Hannibal. But its real heyday came under the Romans, when it was the jewel in the crown of their Empire. And its crumbled monuments will leave you wide-eyed. See the immense Antonine Roman Baths perched above the Med, the amphitheatre and haunting sacrificial site of Tophet, as well as numerous other relics. Then it’s on to Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful clifftop village. All radiant whites houses, blue shutters and cobbled streets, this picturebook place commands heart-stopping views over Tunis bay. guide will take you around its world-leading collection of Roman mosaics - astonishing artworks dug up from Roman villas found in the region. Afterwards, there’s free time to admire the museum’s other displays before heading back to your resort.

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I am former military officer retired ,I live in Tunis capital near airport and downtown. Lived in Silver Spring MD/USA and Washington,DC period 1984 to 1988. Practice lot of sport to be fit and actif. Like to meet new people and share culture. I know very well Tunisia north to south honest,serious,helpful,with good performance,looking to give a beautiful picture about my country for the benefit tourisme offering advices,ideas,best services to give travelers security great stay ,enjoy with them good visit in nice places . In addition to my duties as a guide I can ensure transfert airport hotel,driver ,translator, and medical assistance I am open about any suggestion to discuss about your trip . Find in this link my 30 references filed by travelers since 2008. https://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=220RI6F Full profile Leave a Review